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Maths rationale updated (1)


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Here’s what some of our children say about maths:

  • “I love maths because it’s challenging. It’s quite hard but by the end of the lesson I usually get it!” – Layla
  • “It’s lots of fun to give your brain some challenges” – Florence
  • “Maths is my favourite subject! I think it’s really fun. I enjoy learning my times tables”- Tempi

Maths in our Environment!

We place emphasis on maths being ‘real world’ learning and useful to everyday life. Throughout each maths unit, links are made to real life experiences and children are encouraged to think about how they will apply the skill to an everyday scenario.

We set the children a challenge! They found maths in and around their homes. We had a fantastic response and here are some examples: telling the time, using money to pay (and calculating change), dividing baking into thirds, calculating how long a ham must be cooked, depending on it’s weight, and playing music!