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Design & Technology

DT Rationale updated 2023


Art & Design Technology Long Term Plan 2023/24

Click here to view the Design and Technology National Curriculum.

At Roecliffe, we have devised a sequential and progressive programme of study which we use to deliver D.T. The design and technology projects are well sequenced to develop children’s designing, planning, making and evaluating skills.

Each project is based around a design and technology subject focus of structures, mechanisms, cooking and nutrition or textiles. We make explicit links to science and computing such as when teaching the design and technology curriculum’s electronic systems and IT monitoring and control elements. Where possible, meaningful links to other areas of the curriculum have been made. All the projects follow a structure where children are introduced to key concepts and build up knowledge and skills over time, using a more comprehensive range of equipment and building, cutting, joining, finishing and cooking techniques as they progress through school.

All projects contain focused, practical tasks to help children gain the knowledge and skills needed to complete their final DT outcome independently.

Throughout the design and technology scheme, there is complete coverage of all national curriculum programmes of study.