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School Day


Collection and drop-off point

Drop-off time

Collection time

Class 1

Single layby gate and double gates open for all children.



Class 2

Single layby gate and double gates open for all children.



Class 3

Single layby gate and double gates open for all children.



Safety is always our priority and the school needs to ensure that all the children have been safely collected at 3.30pm and that all the children have been safely dropped off at school at 8.45am. This should now be more achievable as parents are being asked to enter our playground area to drop off and collect children and we no longer need to adhere to Covid social distancing at the school gates.

We would ask that for the start of the new academic year you please take note of our protocol below for dropping off and collecting children from the playground:

8.45am Single layby gate and double gates open for all children (in Reception to Year 6) to enter the playground with their parents. 

(Year 5 and Year 6 children may gather on the school playground without adult supervision.)

8.50am Whistle is blown and all children line up with their class. At 8.50am the school takes responsibility for the children


Mrs Horn’s Class 1 children line up on the ramp going into Class 1’s brown wooden door.

Miss Lewis’s (nee Miss Lonsdale) Class 2 children line up on the number square painted on the playground floor ready to go into their classroom through the red classroom fire door.

Miss Ratliffe’s Class 3 children line up along the wall of the office and classroom to enter school through the playground red fire door opposite the PE shed.

At 8.50am parents leave the playground and the single layby gate is shut and locked shortly after 8.50am.


The double gates will remain open until 9am when nursery children arrive to enter Class 1 through the brown wooden door.

9am Nursery children arrive at the double gates and are taken into Class.

(The double gates on the green will no longer be used for access to the school site on a daily basis.)


The school has an absence protocol which outlines the procedure at the start of the school day and what happens for late arrivals. I would ask that you read the attached absence protocol document so that you are aware of this information. 

Abscence Protocol.


School Day 

8.45am                     –   Gates open

8.50am                     –   Children enter school

9.00am                     –  School starts

10.45-11am              –  Morning break

12-1pm                      – Lunchtime

Afternoon break taken when necessary.

3.30pm                      – End of school day


Car Parking & “one way system”

We would like to communicate to all parents, old and new, the procedures for parking and collecting/dropping off children at school. Parking is only permitted on the village green where the additional grass protectors are installed to the left of the village green as you look at the school. Under no circumstances should cars be parking directly on the village green or be parked in a way that blocks residents drives. We would also like to remind everyone that the speed limit in the village is 30mph.

To help with congestion we ask that parents use a one way system round the village green. As you look at the school from the bottom of the green cars should travel in a clockwise direction around the green. Although there is no formal written rule regarding this it does help prevent the roads becoming blocked.

We kindly ask parents to follow these simple rules to ensure the safety of all children in school.

Locking of School Gates

The single gate will be locked by 8.50am and the double gates locked by 9.00am every morning and will re-open at 3.30pm, this is to ensure the safety of all our children. If you need access to school between these hours please contact the school office on 01423 322302.


The school is open for 32hours 30mins per week,  6hrs 30 mins per day