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Personal Development

Personal Development

We support our pupils to understand and develop the skills and attributes of effective leaders and to gain experiences through curricular and extracurricular opportunities which support their personal development.  

In addition to our Roecliffe Responsibilities and Positive Behaviours for Learning, there is a  progressive leadership program of roles and opportunities in place so that our pupils develop personal and leadership skills gradually through their years at our school. Through our progression of personal development and leadership program, our pupils contribute their best to their school community and develop their personal skills and leadership qualities at different stages of school-life. 

In Class 1, our pupils take on roles to keep their indoor and outdoor learning environments tidy and fit for purpose whilst leading and supporting each other and working with the adults to achieve this. In Class 2, our pupils maintain the tidiness of their classroom and also the outdoor space of our school site. These pupils are responsible for collaborating, implementing and leading innovative ideas they have for maintaining and improving our school’s outdoor provision. Class 3 pupils maintain the tidiness of their classroom whilst supporting adults across school with tasks when needed. These pupils also act as ambassadors when we have particular visitors at our school and also represent our school at off-site events within our local community . e.g. when we visit the residents at a local residential care home. Our older children in Class 3 also carry out various leadership roles: 

House Captains are elected each year, to represent the school’s houses: North, South, East and West. House Captains model the highest standards of behaviour, sportsmanship and teamwork and undertake roles to support the smooth running of sports events and physical activity at our school and at other settings.

Play Leaders are responsible for ensuring that play equipment is suitable and adequate for each playtime and they support children, when needed, to play positively with others and this may involve the help and support of an adult.

The Faith Council members organise and lead some of our Collective Worships and . The Faith Council members undertake various roles across the school year to support our school’s effectiveness as a church school. 

Digital Leaders work collaboratively to take the lead in delivering impactul online safety activities within our school and provide ongoing support and up-to-date advice for our pupils, staff and parents/carers. Our Digital Leaders also have the opportunity to join an inspiring international community of Childnet Digital Leaders and share their views with other Digital Leaders.

 In addition to our progression of leadership opportunities, pupils in Year 1 to Year 6 may be a member of the School Council. Children understand that a place on the School Council comes with the responsibility of representing their peers’ needs and interests. School Council members undertake a range of responsibilities and roles throughout the school year. School Council members are ambassadors of our school when they visit other settings and when we receive visitors to our school.

Every two years,our Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils participate in the Archbishop of York Young Leaders’ Award. This leadership program supports the pupils to develop their leadership skills through carrying out a positive impact project within our local community.

We plan visits, visitors, workshops, activities and events into our academic year to enrich and enhance our PSHE curriculum and our personal development and leadership program. 

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