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OLD – Class 4


We loved spending the day in our pyjamas and talking about books! We did speed book recommendations where we shared our book with a partner for 30 seconds and then swapped over and we went on a book treasure hunt. We also developed our sketching skills and used these to sketch a landscape from our favourite books.

Poetry performance

The year 5s performed poetry written by Joesph Coelho. We read and listened to a range of poems written and performed by Joseph and the children used this to inspire their performances, thinking carefully about how they can change their voice to emphasise the meaning of the poem.

World Book Day

Class 4 had a lovely day immersed in books! We studied ‘The Zoo’ by Anthony Browne and looked carefully at the images used in the book. Looking carefully at the pictures helped us to think about how the characters would be feeling and what the relationships were between them. We used this to inspire us to create pencil sketches of zoo animals. We also watched live camera feed from Edinburgh Zoo and used this to track animal behaviour patterns and inputted this information into a bar chart.

Book art

Class 4 chose their favourite book and used this to inspire them to create art based on the themes in the book. We used recycled materials and thought about where we placed them to look the best. Our art will now be displayed in the Hive for the rest of the school to see.


Stem visit

In order to further understand the information gathered by our weather station, Philip (a Stem Ambassador) visited Class 4. He used experiments to show how lightening works, to demonstrate that electricity can pass through our bodies and to help explain air pressure. We look forward to using this knowledge to helping us in the future!

Tinga Tinga art

As part of our learning about Africa, we studied Tinga Tinga art and used this to inspire us to create our own. We learnt to create washes with watercolours and use dot art to decorate our African animals.

Science project

We have used what we have learnt about electricity this half term to help us to design and create a Christmas decoration.


We wrote stories for our buddies in Class 1 based on Gorilla by Anthony Browne. Once we had finished, we wrote a final draft, illustrated them and then read them to our buddies who loved them!

Remembrance Day

We rehearsed and performed choral performances of ‘In Flanders Fields’. We then created our own Remembrance day poems and used water colour to decorate them.


This half term, we’ve been learning all about Africa. We researched one of the countries in Africa and created non chronological reports about it.

World War II

As part of our history learning, we visited Eden Camp where we learnt more about life during World War II. The children particularly enjoyed learning about the great escape and what life was like for prisoners of war.

We’ve learnt about persuasive techniques used during World War II such as propaganda. We identified features and created our own propaganda posters to help save the environment.

Over the half term, we have learnt different printing techniques and used these to create bunting for the classroom like they had to celebrate VE day.

House Captains

The Year 6s read their House Captain speeches to the school which explained why they would make the best House Captain. Lots of the children thought carefully about how they demonstrated our school values of faith, courage and love and how they would develop these in school. The rest of the school then voted at the voting station.

The votes were then counted and the House Captains this year are-

Well done year 6 on your amazing speeches!


Today, Year 6 met their Reception buddies and had a lovely time reading to them and playing. They can’t wait to spend more time with them over the year!


High 5

Class 4 thought about 5 things they were particularly good at and wrote them on a template of their hand. This is on our door to remind us how many different skills we have.