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OLD – Class 2

Welcome to Class 2’s Page

Spring 2

Multisports Competition

We had the pleasure of attending the Key Stage 1 Multisports competition at Boroughbridge Primary School. The children had a fantastic morning practising a range of running, jumping, throwing, catching and dribbling skills! 3 children were chosen to win the Sportsmanship award for encouragement, respect and determination – well done!

A Letter from the Queen!

Last half term, Class 2 were learning about the Queen’s coronation and wrote letters to her to congratulate her on her platinum jubilee. This week we got a reply! It was so exciting!


World Book Day

On World Book Day each class based their activities on an Anthony Browne book. Class 2 enjoyed looking at ‘Into The Forest’ by Anthony Browne.

We enjoyed dressing up as our favourite characters from books! We shared our favourite books and inspired others to read them!

We had a visit from a lovely librarian who encouraged us to read poetry and told us about the importance of words! We are now really excited to visit the library!

When we looked at the illustrations in the book Into The Forest by Anthony Browne, we noticed that most of the pictures were in black and white, with only one figure in colour. We decided to have a go at this ourselves! We sketched a forest then added one figure in colour to make it stand out.

Spring 1

As part of our History Topic we learned about a significant event in British History. We chose to learn about the Queen’s Coronation, which is especially relevant at the moment with the 70 year Platinum Jubilee being this year. We researched the Coronation, watched videos, gathered information then wrote letters to the Queen to congratulate her on her long reign. We posted them to her and we are really hoping to receive a reply!


Autumn 2

We performed our Christmas Nativity at Minskip Farm Shop in the barn! It was very atmospheric!

As we were preparing for Christmas, we thought about the significance of the Angel in The Christmas Story. We used watercolour paints to design images of Angels.


During Advent we made Christingles and discussed what the different parts represent.








For Remembrance day we painted pictures of poppies and learned a poem.


As part of our topic we researched animals, wrote information texts about them, then used the app ‘Chatterpix’ on the iPad to record ourselves reading our writing.

Autumn 1

At the end of our English topic of Pumpkin Soup we had a pumpkin themed morning where explored the anatomy of a pumpkin, and did lots of pumpkin crafts!

In English we have been reading Pumpkin Soup, so we made pumpkins out of saltdough! We then wrote the instructions for how to make them so that we would be able to recreate them at home.



We grouped the everyday materials based on their properties.


In Science our topic is Materials. We wrapped a tomato in different materials and dropped them to investigate which material protected the tomato the best!







In the first week we did some Pointillism art for the wall in our Reflection Area! We thought about what we found beautiful in nature and designed sunrises using cotton buds and paint.