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Vision & Values

Our school values are:

Faith, Courage, Love

Our school vision statement is:

Faith to move forward in confidence and succeed.

Courage to make a difference in the world every day.

Love one another as God loves us.


Autumn term
Spring term
Summer term
Value – Faith 

Bible stories – 

Mary and Martha (good listening skills/ learning behaviours)

Zaccheus (making good decisions)

Value – Courage

Bible stories – 

Daniel (perseverance) 

David (facing obstacles)

Value – Love

Bible stories  – 

Ruth (being a good friend) 

Good Shepherd (being inclusive)

Positive learning behaviours – 

I am an active participant

I am independent and responsible 

Positive learning behaviours – 

I am resilient

I challenge myself

Positive learning behaviours – 

I work positively with others

The above schedule shows how we focus on each of our three school values over the three terms in the school year. The schedule also shows how we focus on two main Bible stories for each of our school values each term.  

The five Roecliffe Positive Learning Behaviours (PLBs) are promoted and discussed during opportunities throughout the year and we focus on one or two PLBs each term.


Copy of Copy of positive behaviours for learning (2)